Weber Go-Anywhere Review

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Weber Go-Anywhere Grill

Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Review for 2022

Thinking about buying a portable barbecue? Check out the Weber Go-Anywhere…

With the recession aftermath still affecting us, many people are opting to stay in the country and break out their tents and camping supplies instead of going abroad on holiday. Festival camper numbers are at an all time high.

Plus with the idea of global warming being hammered into our heads by environmentalists from all angles, we naively think the weather is getting slowly better and visit the park or go on days out more than ever before.

These are all perfect places to break out the portable barbecue and get grilling. But which one will deliver beyond exceptions?

The Weber Go-Anywhere is an aptly named premium portable charcoal barbecue. Perfect for picnics, camping, festivals, the beach and anywhere else you can think of, the Go-Anywhere can typically cater for 2-4 people in any one session.

Like a black shiny igloo, it looks small on the outside but has a surprisingly generous cooking area and features that will continue to impress well after the 10 year warranty period. Although costing a little more, The Go-Anywhere incorporates many features and quality you will not find on rival portable barbecues.

Like many things nowadays, you pay for what you get. Involved in the design are two sturdy wire legs, that double as clips holding the bbq together when transporting, which elevate the body off the floor avoiding singing the surface the bbq is sitting on.

Everything you need to know before buying a Weber Go-Anywhere

Seasoned Pork Roast on the Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill

The bowls and lids are constructed from steel with a porcelain enameled coating inside and out for excellent heat reflection and rust free durability. The lid includes a heat resistant glass reinforced nylon handle and built in hooks which allow you to hang the lid on the side creating an effective wind barrier. The heat and rust resistant swivel vents allow you to adjust to allow for perfect airflow, or shut off completely so that the flames go out.

Cooking Grates

The triple-plated cooking grate means that not likely to rust any time soon, it is very easy to clean and maintain. The size and shape allows you to soak it in the sink after use unlike other BBQ grates. However, as the grate sits quite closely to the charcoal, it means the volume of charcoal is limited and therefore will not burn for as long as other barbecues.

Having said that, there is nothing stopping you removing the bottom charcoal grate to create more space for extended cooking periods.

Hinged legs

The hinged legs not only elevate the barbecue from the surface it is resting on, they also swivel round to hold the lid closed when transporting / carrying and storing – ingenious!

Weber Go-Anywhere Grill Specifications

Key Features at a glance:

  • Limited 10 year Warranty
  • Porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid
  • 3 glass reinforced nylon handles
  • Triple plated cooking grate
  • Space saving compact design
  • Pivot legs lock into place when carrying
  • Weber instruction manual with recipes


  • Height: 37cm
  • Width: 53cm
  • Depth: 31cm
  • Cooking Area: 1025cm²

Our Verdict

For 2022 Weber have corrected a flaw in most of their charcoal models in that the fiberglass nylon handles tend to get hot during cooking and have added a reflecting plate in all but the Go-Anywhere and specialist barbecues. This is a shame because it is the only real negative thing I have to say about this barbecue. It was almost a 10/10. Now I have to use a glove or tea towel.

Anyway, that aside, the Go-Anywhere proves to its bigger brothers that it has the stones (or the coals!) when it matters. It delivers the same fantastic cooking results from using the same tried and tested methods of the rest of the Weber family. The added bonus is that it will never miss out on a holiday to the beach, rocking out to bands at a festival or a garden party back at the house. The Go-Anywhere has been around for decades and with good reason…it is not going anywhere!


  • Economical charcoal use
  • As the majority of the Weber BBQ is built from aluminum, it won’t rust.
  • Surprisingly good cooking area
  • Legs fold for easy storage and securing lid for transport
  • Rectangle shape means its easy to store
  • Light enough to carry anywhere
  • Minimal assembly
  • Perfect charcoal tasting food every time


  • Handles get hot during use
  • Doesn’t hold as much charcoal as some of the other models so cooking time may be limited

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